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Fortify and Thrive for First Responders

Fortify Your Team

We empower first responders to better manage stress and trauma by enhancing coping skills and providing tools to help maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  1. Trauma Informed Care—We equip first responders with the knowledge and skills to understand and respond to the emotional impact of trauma and chronic, high stress environments by promoting healthy coping strategies and interventions.
  2. Stress Management—We offer a range of evidence-based stress management strategies designed to meet the specific needs of first responders. Participants will engage in interactive workshops that focus on practical techniques such as mindfulness, breathwork, and emotional regulation strategies.
  3. Resilience Training—We empower first responders to bounce back from adversity, enhance their problem-solving skills, and find balance.

“The Fortify Optimal Health program for first responders was a great experience to go through. Susannah did a great job of explaining issues that officers face because of being in law enforcement. She also did a great job of giving solutions to the problems that officers face. A great experience that the Pocatello Police Department had with the training was learning how these abstract ideas like trauma can biologically or physically affect the body and brain. We would recommend this training to anyone and everyone in law enforcement. We are grateful to have experienced this training and for Fortify Optimal Health to take the time to train members of our department.”

Detective Justin Vae’ena Pocatello Police Department

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